A nonprofit, non-governmental organization created to enhance relations between the people of the United States and Austria through exchanges in medicine, business, communications and the arts.

The AAF was founded in 1984 by a group of Americans and Austrians with a keen interest in promoting a positive relationship between the two countries. Through exchanges in medicine, business, communications and the art, the AAF endeavors to use Austriaas key location and infrastructure as the basis for bringing East and West together in the interests of peace and prosperity.

The AAF conducts its own programs and overseas its joint endeavors with other American, Austrian, and international institutions. In addition, the AAF provides grants to select organizations and projects serving these goals.

To facilitate the operation of programs in Austria, the Friends of the AAF founded the Salzburg Stiftung of the AAF in 1995.

The Medical Program includes:
The Salzburg Medical Seminars, co-sponsored by the Open Society Institute and private donors, are week-long seminars in medical specialties (for example, urology, cardiology, and emergency care in pediatrics) and include didactic lectures and hands-on workshops taught by American faculty in Salzburg for Eastern European and Austrian physicians.

The Alumni Network and Satellite Symposia
The Medical CD ROM/Communications Project
The Medical Equipment Program
The Medical Internship Program

Exchange Programs:
Andlinger Residency Exchange Program Fellowship, which awards fellowships to American and Austrian medical residents for one months' training in either the United States or Austria during medical residency. The topic for study is to be chosen by the candidate in conjunction with his/her proposed Austrian or American host or the Medical Steering Committee of the AAF. The program aims to supplement the resident' education and to broaden the candidate's experience by exposing him/her to a foreign healthcare system. Humes Visiting Professorship Max Kade Fellowship for Medical Students, which awards fellowships to medical students in their 4th or 5th year of study at an American medical school for a one month rotation in an Austrian medical facility. Subjects for study may be in any recognized area of medicine, including health care management.

The Business Program includes:

The Ambassador Milton A. Wolf, PhD, Fellowship for Business Internships, which are grants awarded to MBA students at Case Western Reserve, the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and the University of Michigan for one to three months of on-the-job training in Austria.

The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)
The Media Program includes:

The Ambassador Milton A. Wolf, PhD, Fellowship for Journalists are awarded to Austrian journalists on the basis of an open competition. The fellowship is a four-week program at the DeWitt Wallace Center for Communications and Journalism at Duke University.

The Wall Street Journal Program
The Symposia on Public Broadcasting and Globalization
The Commission on Radio and Television Policy

The Cultural Programs include:

The International Artists Program at PS l, which is sponsored jointly with the Austrian Cultural Institute, provides Austrian artists with studio space and housing in New York for one year.

The AAF Fellowship Program for Young Musicians and Conductors (new in 1998)

Grants have been awarded by the AAF in 1997 and 1998 to the following organizations:

ARBOS/Herbert Gantschacher
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Institute for Contemporary Art
Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen der Bruder
Orchesterinstitut Attergau
Rettet das Kind
Salzburg Marionette Theater
SOS Kinderdorf
SUSRET Art Manufaktur
Temesvar Trauma Center

For further information about the AAF or one of its programs, please contact us at:
The American Austrian Foundation, Inc.
245 Park Avenue, 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10167
Tel: 212/856-1075
Fax: 212/856-1226
Chairman: Hon. Milton A. Wolf, Ph.D.
President: Thomas J. McGrath, Esq.

A national organization, the Council fosters goodwill and better understanding between the people of the United States and Austria. It promotes the free flow of information through its International & Economic Round Table and Academic Forum. In addition, the Council sponsors cultural, academic, professional and student exchanges and supports many humanitarian causes worldwide. The Council continuously draws on the aggregate strengths and abilities of its professional Austrian-American membership.

Austrian-American Council North America
2 Russell Terrace
Montclair, NJ 07042
Tel: 201/783-6241 (New York: 212/838-0141)
Fax: 201/744-3073
President: Juliana G. Belcsak

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