Established in March 16, 1977 with a one million dollar endowment from the people and government of Austria on the occasion of the US Bicentennial, the Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota (CAS) has become a focal point for American-Austrian cultural and academic relations. CAS is associated with the Institute for History at the University of Minnesota, but is an independent unit within the College of Liberal Arts. While emphasizing historical research with an accent on economic, social and cultural history, CAS also pays a great deal of attention to political science, economics, medicine and natural sciences.

The Center for Austrian Studies functions as a catalyst and coordinator of activities in many areas having to do with Austria. It also publishes the Austrian History Yearbook and the quarterly Austrian Studies Newsletter. Each year CAS organizes a symposium on current Austrian issues

Center for Austrian Studies University of Minnesota
314 Social Science Tower 267 19th Avenue
S. Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel: 612/624-9811
Fax: 612/626-9004
Editor of Austrian Studies Newsletter: Daniel Pinkerton

Like the Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota, the Guest Professorship at Stanford University owes its creation to the Bicentennial of the USA. The funds raised in Austria in celebration of this historic milestone financed the establishment of a permanent guest professorship for Austrian Studies at Stanford University.

As part of the selection procedure, a committee at the University of
Stanford proposes an Austrian professor to teach in one of the departments, ranging from theater and linguistics to history and law. The most recent Austrian professors were Ruth Wodak, University of Vienna (1993, Lingustics), Mathias Kralj, stage designer at the Wiener Burgtheater (1994, Drama), Prof. Stefan Schleicher, University of Graz (1995, Economics), Prof. Gerhard Hafner, University of Vienna (1996, International Law), Prof. Anton Pelinka, University of Innsbruck (1997, Political Science),and Dr. Gerda Neyer, Austrian Academy of Science (1998, Feminist Studies).

Institute for International Studies
Encina Hall, Room 200
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6055
Tel: 650/723-4716
Fax: 650/725-2592

Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter taught at Harvard University for nearly twenty years. The Schumpeter Program, founded at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University in 1989/90, is committed to interdisciplinary and international concepts.

Under this program, two Austrian economists and sociologists are offered fellowships at the Center each year. The costs are borne by the Austrian side, and the Center provides office space and access to Harvard University.

The Schumpeter Program is administrated by the Vienna School of Economics, but it is available to all Austrian university members in all fields of economics and sociology. Candidates are expected to conduct a research project at Harvard, establish contacts with local institutions and colleagues, and represent Austria at lectures and conferences. The Joseph A. Schumpeter Professor at Harvard is meant to serve as a liaison at Harvard and support and advance the efforts and continued development of contacts with the economic institutions.

The most recent Austrian Schumpeter Fellows at Harvard University were Manfred Prisching, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Graz (1995/96), Siegfried Beer, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Graz (1996/97), Michael Landesmann, Director of Research at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Professor of Economics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (1997/98), and Stefan Güldenberg (1998/99). In the 1999/2000 academic year Gerhard Orosel from the University of Vienna will be the Austrian Schumpeter Fellow.

For more information, check our article in Austria Kultur.

Harvard University
Center for European Studies
27 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617/495-4303

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