Brochures Available Through ACI

Here's a list of brochures on Austria you can request from ACI. All of these publications are free, but subject to availability. When you're ordering, please make sure to write the code (e.g., F-EUR-12) for the brochures you'd like to receive in the message field of our e-mail form. And please don't forget to provide your mailing address - as much as we'd like to , we can't upload the package to you! If you select more than three, we'll send the first three on your list...


  • A-FAF-11 - Austria, Facts and Figures. 179 pp. In English.

    Folded Brochures. An educational series illustrated with photos and graphics. The brochures can be opened up and used as posters.

  • F-EUR-12 - Austria at the Heart of Europe

  • F-LIT-13 - Austria - Modern Literature

  • F-THE-14 - Austria - Theater

  • F-ARC-15 - Austria - Modern Architecture

  • F-MUS-16 - Austria - Music of the Twentieth Century

  • F-COO-17 - Austrian Town and Country Cookery



    Austria Documentation. Published by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Federal Press Service.

  • D-JLA-37 - Jewish Life in Austria. 116 pp.

  • D-SEN-40 - Senior Citizens in Austria. 70 pp.

  • D-LIB-53 - The Austrian National Library

  • D-ARC-54 - The Austrian State Archives

  • D-FOL-56 - Austrian Folk Costums

  • D-REL-57 - Religions in Austria

  • D-MED-58 - Mass Media in Austria

  • D-POL-62 - Political System in Austria

  • D-CAL-98 - Cultural Calendar 1998

  • D-PAL-60 - We'll Meet Again in Palestine

  • D-UNO-61 - 35 Years of Austrian Participation in UN Peace Keeping Operations


  • S-KOO-71 - Kooperationen. Higher Education, Science and Research in Austria. A quarterly published by the Austrian Academic Exchange Service with Österreich Kooperation and the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts.


  • S-SZB-74t - Learning German in Salzburg IFK German courses in Salzburg. Includes application.


  • S-DIP-75 - Diplomatische Akademie German brochure introducing the Diplomatic Academy Vienna.


  • S-INF-76 - Information for Foreign Students How to study at Austrian institutions of higher education and art schools. Published by the Austrian Academic Exchange Service (ÖAD).


  • S-MON-77 - When Stones Start to Speak. Very informative brochure on the archaeological excavations on the ¨Judenplatz¨, the center of Vienna's oldest Jewish ghetto, where remains of the former main synagogue were uncovered. Published by the Press and Information Service of the City of Vienna.


  • S-GKI-78 - Learning with Friends. German Language Courses at Schloß Haindorf in Gars, in the midst of the vineyards bordering the Danube Valley. Includes application form.


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    Last updated: June 1, 1998