ACI maintains a large collection of films and videos that are available on a free loan basis to educational institutions for non-commercial showings. Additional films - including experimental and avant-garde films by Austrian cinematographers - are available from Austria on request. As with our exhibition service, the borrower pays return shipping costs only. Contact Krista Lewis for a detailed listing and further information. It is advisable to book well in advance to secure your choice of screening dates.

The majority of our 16 mm films have optical soundtrack. All videocassettes are VHS-format, but not all are available for the NTSC system standard in the US, so be sure to check when you book.

ACI's collection comprises over 200 documentary films and videos on Austrian topics in the following categories:


Frau Berta Garlan
97 minutes, color, 16 mm. German/English subtitles.
Production: Neue Studio Film for ORF, 1989
Director: Peter Patzak
Script: Peter Patzak, based on a novella by Arthur Schnitzler
Cast: Birgit Doll, Kitty Speiser, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Riccardo de Torrebruna, Wolfgang Huebsch, etc.

Set at the turn of the century, Frau Berta Garlan is a study of a young woman torn between the demands of a rigid society and her longing for sexual fulfillment. Berta, recently widowed, cannot resist the temptation to contact a former suitor who has since gone on to become a celebrated violin virtuoso. An affair ensues. Berta is unable to reconcile her yearnings with the moralist condemnation of extramarital relationships.

Holidays with Silvester
91 minutes, color, 16 mm. German/English subtitles.
Production: Extrafilm Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Vienna, 1990
Director: Bernd Neuburger
Cast: Claudia Thürk, Johanna Schirlbauer,
Heinrich Sauer, Stefan Schnabel, Bibiane Zeller, Franz Subrada, Doris Mayer, etc.

Silvester is a 76-year-old bachelor who sees more in the stars than in people. Katharina is a lively, curious seven year old. When the two of them spend a summer together, Katharina manages to conquer the scruffy old astronomer.

Is the Devil Really a Child
100 minutes, color, NTSC video. English.
Production: Extrafilm, Vienna, 1990
Film direction and script: Margareta Heinrich, Margit Niederhuber
Festivals: Harare, Johannesburg, Figueira da Foz

The topic of this documentary is the horrifying account of how children in Mozambique got caught in the crossfire of a brutal war. The film explores the children's traumatic experiences and the efforts to reintegrate them and introduces Mozambican art depicting violence and war.

Operation Radetzky
90 minutes, black and white, NTSC video. English.
Production: Carl Szokoll/ORF, 1993 (English version).

A semi-documentary film based on historic facts and shot on authentic locations. "Operation Radetzky" was the code name for a daring operation of the Austrian Resistance at the end of WWII. The film was created by one of the last witnesses, Major Carl Szokoll, who in 1945 was general staff officer in German headquarters in Vienna and a leader of the military resistance.

She Dances Alone
87 minutes, color, 16 mm. English.
Production: Earl Mack, ORF, Frederico De Laurentiis
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Cast: Kyra Nijinsky (herself), Bud Cort, Patrick
Dupond (ballet dancer), Max von Sydow, Walter Kent, Laura Hoover, Sauney LeSueur
Awards: Grand Prix (Figueira da Foz 1981)

Robert Dornhelm, famous for his documentary "The Children of Theatre Street" and his latest production "Requiem for Dominic," met 67-year-old Kyra Nijinsky in San Francisco. Taking her as leading character he created this semi-documentary psychograph of a woman who reflects the phenomenon and the tragic destiny of her father, the Russian choreographer and ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

87 minutes, color, PAL video. German/English subtitles
Production: Schönbrunnfilm for ORF and Bayrischer Rundfunk, 1990
Director: Karin Brandauer
Script: Erich Hackl

A family in the town of Steyr adopted the orphan Sidonie, supposedly a gypsy girl, and brought her up as their own child. In 1938, this innocent "foreigner" becomes the object of aggression, followed by denunciation and deportation to Auschwitz. Her adoptive parents never recovered from the blow.

Young Dr. Freud
96 minutes, black and white, 16 mm film, NTSC and PAL video. German/English subtitles.
Production: ORF/ZDF, 1976
Director: Axel Corti
Script: Georg Stefan Troller
Cast: Karl-Heinz Hackl, Guido Wieland, Brigitte
Svoboda, Karl Merkatz, Marianne Nentwich, Michael Toost, Michael Janisch, etc.

Author Georg Stefan Troller and director Axel Corti worked for more than two years on this film about Sigmund Freud's early years. The TV film studies Freud's childhood in Freiberg (Moravia), the family's move to Vienna, the time spent at the university, the influences of Josef Breuer and neurologist Jean Martin Charcot, Freud's friendship with Wilhelm Fliess, his marriage, the publication of his first book and the moment of realization that in order to progress with his research he would have to overcome his own neuroses first.

Welcome in Vienna
121 minutes, black and white, 16 mm. German and German/English subtitles.
Production: Thalia Film for ORF/ZDF/SRG
Director: Axel Corti
Script: Georg Stefan Troller and Axel Corti
Cast: Gabriel Barylli, Nicolas Berger, Claudia
Messner, Hubert Mann, Liliana Nelska, Kurt Sowinetz,
Karlheinz Hackl, Joachim Kemmer, Heinz Trixner

The film shows an aspect of WW II that has never been explored on the screen before: The story of Austrian and German Jewish refugees who emigrated to America and are now returning to their home countries as American soldiers. The film has won several international awards, among them the Gold Hugo in 1986 at the 22nd Chicago International Film Festival. Although it is Part 3 of Axel Corti's trilogy Where To and Back, the film is easily understood without Parts 1 and 2.

ACI offers two feature film packages that are available on a free loan basis. The Austrian Film Week packages are ideal for screenings at colleges and universities. Both packages come with a brochure in English. The 16mm films are in German with English subtitles.

Six Feature Films from 1977 to 1984
These six feature films introduce representative works by the middle generation of Austrian filmmakers.

Unsichtbare Gegner (Invisible Opponents)
Director and producer: Valie Export

Operation Hydra (Whitebait)
Director: Antonis Lepeniotis

Der Schüler Gerber (Student Gerber)
Director: Wolfgang Glück

Karambolage (Collision)
Director: Kitty Kino

Donauwalzer (Danube Waltz)
Director: Xaver Schwarzenberger

Director, producer and screenplay: Milan Dor

Five Feature Films Based on Literary Works
Each film in this series is a close study from a different period, from the turn of the century to the present. Each director reflects the nuances of the constantly developing Austrian language, and the careful attention to dialect should also be noted.

Frau Berta Garlan
Director: Peter Patzak
Based on the novella by Arthur Schnitzler

G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald (Tales from the Vienna Woods)
Director: Maximilian Schell
Based on the play by Ödön von Horváth

Eine blaßblaue Frauenschrift (A Woman's Pale Blue Handwriting)
Director: Axel Corti
Based on the novella by Franz Werfel

Director: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Based on the novel Der Fall Franza by
Ingeborg Bachmann

Der stille Ozean (The Quiet Ocean)
Director: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Based on the novel by Gerhard Roth

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