This small publishing house specializes in Austrian literature in translation as well as original English works on Austrian subjects and a limited number of books in German. The Ariadne Press Translation Series includes February Shadows, the first novel of writer Elisabeth Reichart. Contact Ariadne Press for a copy of their most recent catalog. A few selections are below.

Ariadne Press
Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture and Thought
270 Goins Court
Riverside, CA 92507
Tel./Fax: 909/684-9202
Publisher: Donald G. Daviau


Anthology of Contemporary Austrian Folk Plays.
Translation and afterword by Richard Dixon. Riverside, CA, 1993. 397 pp. ISBN 0-929497- 67-8. $28.50.

The five plays collected in this volume provide a representative sampling of the Austrian contemporary Volksstück (folk play). The Volksstück, which had its origins in the eighteenth century, has become a favorite genre of Austrian playwrights because of its tradition of treating basic social problems critically and realistically.

The Dedalus/Ariadne Book of Austrian Fantasy. The Meyrink Years 1890-1930.
Edited and translated by Michael Mitchell. Riverside, CA, 1993. 416 pp. ISBN 0-929497-63-5. $17.95.

The last years of the Habsburg monarchy saw a remarkable flowering centered on Vienna and Prague: the music of Mahler and Schönberg, the paintings of Schiele, Klimt and Kokoschka, the writings of Mach, Freud and Wittgenstein, the poetry of Rilke, the plays of Hofmannsthal, the stories of Kafka. One concern common to much of this work was to attack the widely held assumption about the nature of reality.

This book explores the rich vein of imagination with selections from the major writers - Hofmannsthal, Rilke and Schnitzler - as well as from the acknowledged masters of fantastic fiction, such as Gustav Meyrink (the Master of the Occult), Karl Heinz Strobl (the Master of the Macabre), Paul Leppin and Leo Perutz.

Siberia and Other Plays. By Felix Mitterer.
Translated by R. Acker, U. Bergert, F. Fantasia, T. Hanlin, H. Hutchinson, G. Ingeborg, M. Kleinman, D. Ritchie. Afterword by Hans Eichner. Riverside, CA, 1994. 373 pp. ISBN 0-929497-68-6. $28.00.

Mitterer's plays confront human suffering and oppression with an honesty and directness that is often painful for theater audiences. Born in Tyrol, Austria, Felix Mitterer is a leading contemporary European dramatist. Siberia is a metaphor for survival under the most adverse conditions. This moving monologue represents one old man's struggle for dignity in a retirement home. Visiting Hours is a collection of one-act plays, showing various "inmates" and their tenuous connections to the world outside. There's No Finer Country documents the betrayal of a local Jewish citizen to the Nazis. Stigma is an historical drama of faith and superstition, of exorcism and torture, of humanity and unspeakable cruelty. This collection, the first in English translation, offers a spirited sampling of Mitterer's most representative works from 1982 to the present.

Relationships: An Anthology of Contemporary Austrian Prose.
Selected and with an introduction by Adolf Opel. Riverside, CA, 1991. 372 pp. ISBN 0-929497-05-8. $25.00.

This anthology presents an image of the Austrian people through short narrative prose works by forty of the leading modern and contemporary Austrian authors. The dimensions of being human, from the soaring heights to the abysmal depths, are most striking in the relationships of individuals in their surroundings. The prose selected investigates an eclectic array of human relationships. Most of the works are appearing in English for the first time. Relationships is an ideal textbook for courses in contemporary Austrian culture or literature in translation.


Coexistent Contradiction: Joseph Roth in Retrospect.
Edited by Helen Chambers. Riverside, CA, 1991. 246 pp. Bibl., index. ISBN 0-929497-32-5. $33.50. ISBN 0-929497-33-3 (pbk). $26.50.

As a social monarchist, Jewish Catholic, skeptical mystic and humorous sage, Roth has never fitted neatly into any one literary or historical category. The essays in this volume devoted to the Austrian writer Joseph Roth take a fresh look at his apparent contradictions and illuminate his contemporary relevance as an acute analyst of the relationship between private life and political change.

Major Figures of Modern Austrian Literature.
Edited and introduced by Donald G. Daviau. Riverside, CA, 1988. 488 pp. Bibl., index. ISBN 0- 929497-00-7. $39.95.

The purpose of this volume is to help make modern Austrian writing accessible to an English-speaking audience. Fifteen essays cover the life and works of the major authors representing the generation of writers who began their careers before World War II, were driven into exile or into inner emigration during the years of annexation (1938-1945), and attained full prominence in the postwar period. The book is designed to appeal to general readers as well as to students and scholars working in the area of Austrian and German literature and history or in English and comparative literature.


Return to the Center.
By Otto von Habsburg. Translated by Carvel de Bussy. Riverside, CA, 1993. 240 pp. ISBN 0-929497-39-2. $23.50

In Return to the Center, Otto von Habsburg, who is presently serving as President of the Pan- Europa Union, presents a series of essays examining the problems facing all of the major countries of Central and Eastern Europe since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Their situation is discussed in light of relevant historical events and ethnic, political and economic relationships from the time of the Holy Roman Empire to the present.

Introducing Austria. A Short History.
By Lonnie Johnson. Riverside, CA, 1989. 196 pp. Maps, illustrations, bibliography, index. ISBN 0-929497- 03-1. $14.95.

Historian Lonnie Johnson provides in compact form a comprehensive overview of Austria's rich past and present. In detailing Austria's turbulent history from 1918 to the present, controversial issues are presented objectively and without oversimplification.

This publishing company has offices in the US, Switzerland, Germany and France. Their list is decidedly focused on German and Austrian studies, and includes both German and English-language publications. ACI actively supports Peter Lang because of its deep commitment to Austrian language, literature and history. We've highlighted a few German-language selections from Peter Lang's list below. A catalogue is available from any of the four offices on request.

Peter Lang, Inc.
62 West 45th Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10036, USA
Customer Service: 800/770-LANG
Tel: 212/764-1471
Fax: 212/302-7574

Peter Lang AG
Verlag der Wissenschaften
Jupiterstrasse 15
CH 3000 Bern 15, Switzerland
Tel: +41/31/940 21 21
Fax: +41/31/940 21 31

Peter Lang GmbH
Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften
Eschborner Landstraße 42-50
D-60489 Frankfurt a.M., Germany
Tel: +49/69/78 07 05 0
Fax: +49/69/78 58 93

Peter Lang S.A.
Editions scientifiques européennes
Heron Building
10, rue de la Paix
F-75002 Paris, France
Tel: +33/1/42 86 58 05
Fax: +33/1/40 20 98 98

Austrian Culture.
A series edited by Harry Zohn, a professor of German and former Chairman of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages at Brandeis University. He has written widely on subjects as diverse as Stefan Zweig, Kurt Tucholsky, Karl Kraus and the Heurigen songs of his native Vienna. The volume "Austriaca and Judaica" is a compilation of essays and translations by Prof. Zohn. A reader on Peter Heller will appear in late 1995. Other volumes concentrate on Austrian emigré writers such as Jimmy Berg, Alfred Farau, Berthold Viertel, Otto Fürth, Franz Mitterer and Peter Fabrizius.

"Zur Aussprache des österreichischen Standarddeutschen. Die unbetonten Silben."
Schriften zur deutschen Sprache in Österreich, Vol. 17. Edited by Peter Wiesinger. Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Vienna, 1995. 258 pp. ISBN 3-631-47078-9. $46.95.

Part of a series on German linguistics, this volume examines the qualities that differentiate Austrian speech and writing from High German. It is a definitive compilation of the distinguishing characteristics of Austrian German - with all its idiosyncrasies.

"Zeit und Zeiterfahrung der deutschsprachigen Lyrik der fünfziger Jahre."
Studies in Modern German Literature, Vol. 66. Edited by Peter D.G. Brown. New York, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M, Paris, Vienna, 1995. 172 pp. ISBN 0-8204-2388-2. $44.95.

This volume on German lyricism in the fifties features selections from Austrian writers Ingeborg Bachmann and Christine Lavant. A sensitive treatment of the period portrayed, it explores a society profoundly affected by the fast pace of a changing world, by global synchronization and an increasingly technocratic environment.

Kleine Schriften zur Textkritik und Interpretation.
By Karl Konrad Polheim. Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M, New York, Paris, Vienna, 1992.458 pp. ISBN 3-261-04331-8. $103.80.

A compilation of essays by the renowned Bonn professor on the challenges of publishing and aspects of aesthetic analysis. Polheim critically analyzes the writings of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Ferdinand von Saar, Adalbert Stifter, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Robert Musil.

"Nicht (aus, in, über, von) Österreich. Zur österreichischen Literature, zu Celan, Bachmann, Bernhard und anderen."
Debrecener Studien zur Literatur, Vol. 1. Edited by Tam?s Lichtmann Frankfurt/M, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Vienna, 1995. 319 pp. ISBN 3-631-47606-X. $52.95.

The first volume in this new series introduces some of Austria's most articulate contemporary writers. Neither the authors nor the settings embrace the Austria they portray. Topographically and intellectually speaking, the renunciation of Austria threads through all of the selections in this volume. But the negation of Austria ultimately becomes a negation of the world, a negation of superficiality in favor of the linguistic utopia in the writings of Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann and Thomas Bernhard.

"Deutschunterricht in Österreich. Versuch eines Überblicks."
Beiträge zur Geschichte des Deutschunterricht, Vol. 14. Edited by Joachim S. Hohmann. Frankfurt/M, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Vienna, 1995. 357 pp. ISBN 3-631-47546- 2. $63.95.

An overview of German language education since 1945, Volume 14 traces the development of the curriculum in Austria and surveys the challenges of teaching German in individual school settings. The editor is the principal of Vienna's Piaristengymnasium.

Journal of the Kafka Society of America
The Journal of the Kafka Society of America is a semi-annual scholarly journal founded in 1977 to facilitate and stimulate relations and exchange of research and ideas in the field of Kafka studies. The editor, Maria Luise Caputo-Mayr, welcomes conference articles, essays, research reports, bibliographical information, news on research in progress, dissertations, and advance notice of Kafka projects and publications, as well as notes of interest. Subscription to the Journal includes membership in the Kafka Society of America.

Kafka Society of America
Temple University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature
Anderson Hall (022-35)
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tel: 215/204-8267
Prof. Dr. Maria-Luise Caputo Mayr, Executive Director

Austrian History Yearbook
The Austrian History Yearbook is published annually by the University of Minnesota's Center for Austrian Studies (CAS) in cooperation with the Conference Group of Central European History and the Society for Austrian and Habsburg History. It is a peer-reviewed, annual journal for the study of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Republic of Austria. The Yearbook is abstracted online in Historical Abstracts and is regularly listed in International Current Awareness Services. The Yearbook welcomes any submission that has clear thematic link to the Monarchy or the Republic of Austria. The language of the publication is in English, but the editors will consider manuscripts in German. Contact the Center for Austrian Studies for subscription rates and style guidelines.

Austrian History Yearbook
Center for Austrian Studies
University of Minnesota
314 Social Science Tower
267 19th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel: 612/624-9811
Fax: 612/626-2242
Executive Editor: David F. Good

Contemporary Austrian Studies
A series sponsored by the University of New Orleans and Universität Innsbruck with a grant from the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and ACI. Volume III is entitled "Austria in the Nineteen Fifties" and Vol. IV, currently in preparation, is "Austrocorporatism: Past - Present - Future."

University of New Orleans
Institute for the Study of Comparitive Public Policy
Metropolitan College
ED 122, Lakefront Campus
New Orleans, LA 70148
Tel: 504/286-7110 or 6882
Fax: 504/286-7317
Editors: Anton Pelinka, Günter Bischof

Modern Austrian Literature
Journal of the International Arthur Schnitzler Research Association (IASRA), published quarterly with the assistance of the University of California, Riverside, and the Austrian Cultural Institute, New York. Modern Austrian Literature accepts manuscripts on literature from fin-de-siècle Austria to the present. Subscription rates are $25 per year for individuals in the US and $35 for individuals in all other countries. Libraries add ten dollars. Contact IASRA for membership or subscriptions. The MAL stylesheet is available on request.

Journal of the International Arthur Schnitzler
Research Association
Modern Austrian Literature
c/o Jorun B. Johns, Secretary-Treasurer
Department of Foreign Languages
California State University
San Bernardino, CA 92407
Tel: 714/880-5851

American Council for the Study of Austrian Literature (ACSAL)
ACSAL, a non-profit association with a membership fee of $15 per year, disseminates information about Austrian cultural events in the US. Founded in the early seventies, it issues a biannual newsletter and - with the assistance of the Austrian Cultural Institute in New York - publishes the series Österreich in amerikanischer Sicht: Das Österreichbild im amerikanischen Schulunterricht, edited by Prof. Dr. Maria Luise Caputo-Mayr and Herbert Lederer. The series brings selected papers presented at the ACSAL seminars, a regular event at the AATG convention. ACSAL provides members with information and free publications, and is a valuable resource for American high school and college teachers of German.

German/Slavic Dept.
AB 529
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tel: 215/204-8282
Fax: 215/204-5527

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