ACI provides traveling exhibitions to educational and cultural institutions on a loan basis. Contact Krista Lewis if your organization would like to arrange a showing. A selection of exhibits currently available through ACI is below. This service is free of charge, except for return shipping fees.


The New Schoolhouse
The exhibition explores the paradigm shift in Viennese school design from institutional barracks to centers of open communication and learning. In Viennese architecture of the nineties, these school buildings represent the most important body of works in the category of public structures. Read more about the exhibition in the article in Austria Kultur.

Vienna Heldenplatz
In the photographic exhibition by Alisa Douer history unfolds before the eyes of the visitor. For the past 150 years Vienna's Heldenplatz has been the center stage of every important event: from celebrations and festivities to proclamations, demonstrations, and political rallies; from the wedding ceremony of Emperor Francis Joseph I to Hitler's historic speech at Heldenplatz; from the signing of the Marshall Plan to the July 1, 1998 Festival for Europe, from state visits by Czar Nicholas II, Theodore Roosevelt, Sergeevich Khrushchev to John F. Kennedy, and Pope John Paul II. The Heldenplatz has witnessed people's joy and people's suffering. The exhibition consists of 68 black-and-white photographs with text in German and English.

The architecture of Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos, two of Austria's greatest modern architects of the turn-of-the-century, is superbly photographed by Walter Zednicek. The exhibition consists of 40 photographs, which are matted but not framed.

English captions are provided with all exhibitions. Posters and catalogs are available for some of them.

Art in Vienna Around 1900

Biedermeier in Austria (1815-1848)

Gustav Klimt/Egon Schiele

Adolf Loos

Designing at the Institute of Housing Projects

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

W.A. Mozart

Gustav Mahler

Karl Kraus

Arthur Schnitzler

Jura Soyfer - His Work and His Time

Persecution and Resistance in Austria

Time Creates Images -
Writers Whose Home Was Austria

An exhibition of portrait photos of Austrian-born writers forced by the Nazis to leave their country.

Der Österreichische Freiheitskampf
Photos, documents, news clippings, leaflets about persecution and resistance in Austria. German text only.

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